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Mowbray Collectables is New Zealand's leading philatelic auction house. 

Postal auctions are held monthly, with sale catalogues mailed out to about 3,500 customers world-wide.  These monthly auctions are available to view here.

We hold annual major public auctions of stamps and coins/banknotes, as well as an annual Direct Sale fixed price list of stamp items.

The Firm's Principal

The company employs ten staff. Additionally the major shareholder and Managing Director, John Mowbray, maintains an active day to day involvement in running the company both in a philatelic and business management sense.

Since his boyhood days, collecting stamps and then beginning to buy and sell them whilst at college, John has achieved a number of "firsts" in his career. In 1978 he became the first member of the NZSDA to hold an auctioneers license and in attending the London World Stamp Exhibition in 1980 his company was the first NZ stamp dealer to have a stand at an international exhibition. In the following year J R Mowbray (Philatelist) won the Wellington region Air New Zealand Enterprise Award and was a finalist in the National Awards.

John was elected President of the NZ Stamp Dealers Association in 1983 and President of the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations in 1990-92.

Maintaining an International Presence

The company's mailing list now totals over 6,000 customers with more than 50% of these being resident in countries outside New Zealand. The company is based in Otaki, a small semi-rural township, about 70 kms North of New Zealand's capital city, Wellington. However, what at first seems an unlikely location, is no impedement to the main business activity of postal auctions. More widespread use email and internet makes it even easier to deal on a truly international basis with each customer, no matter where, receiving individual attention.

Attendance at international stamp shows is also seen as important to the company's continued long term growth. They are seen as opportunities to increase our customer base, sell material and, just as importantly, source items for our postal auction sales. In the last few years the company has had stands at international exhibitions in many overseas cities. 


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